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Your Guide to Buying A batting glove

When it comes to playing sports Having the proper equipment is vital for maximum performance. wearing the correct pair of batting gloves can make or break a player’s performance at the plate. There are over one hundred different models of batting gloves and narrowing them down the field of choices can be quite difficult. 

A majority of baseball batting gloves can be put into the two categories of synthetic and leather. When Purchasing a pair you should know these key factors to help you along the way. 

Leather gloves tend to last longer, have a better grip and are Preferred by players who have a loaded schedule full of games. The top MLB players gloves are usually made from sheep leather. When selecting leather gloves the option of embossed becomes available and is optimal for that natural feel. 

Synthetic gloves for the casual players can get the job done and normally can be purchased at a lower price point. They are much easier to keep clean, but also have a shorter shelf life than their leather counterparts. 

Protective padding in the gloves can help keep your hands safe. padding on the inside of your gloves helps reduce the pain from bat sting while padding on the outside of the gloves protects your hands against those wild pitches. Additionally, the added padding helps to protect the player’s hands from the elements on colder days. 

The style of your gloves are not as important as the functionality, but it is worth paying attention to for the simple fact that they are accessories. With the cornucopia of selection available there is no good reason to acquire ugly gloves. 

It is mandatory to have your gear fit properly. If the gloves are too tight it can affect the swinging motion while in the batter’s box and if they are too loose the constant rubbing of the gloves on your skin can cause irritation along with blisters. To Acquire the size of the glove measure your hand from the base of your palm to top of the middle finger.

When you have figured out the length of your hand compare it to the chart on the website where the gloves will be purchased. Softball batting gloves are tailored for smaller hands so it important to purchase softball specific gloves if needed. Follow these simple steps to acquire the perfecting fitting pair of batting gloves.

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