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Your Guide to Buying A Softball Glove

 Softball is a sport where one needs to be comfortable with the equipment he or she is using. The glove is all-important when the player takes the field. Finding a glove that is both functional and comfortable is vital to not only individual success but the success of the team as well. There are many things to look at when deciding whether or not to purchase a glove. We’ll take a look at the function of a softball glove and why you should consider one.  The obvious reason for buying a softball glove is because you will have the best success in the field if you are wearing one. Think of all the times you have seen a player take the field without a glove; it simply just doesn’t happen in the modern game. Fielding softballs would be incredibly difficult if you didn’t have the added benefit of a glove. Catching is simpler as is fielding a routine ground ball. All of these things can be challenging with a glove and exacerbated if a player is not using one.  Gloves provide extra comfort when it comes to catching balls, providing padding that the hand simply can’t. Gloves are a tool that help players perform better with the added benefit of safety. Types of softball gloves vary and one wants to be sure they know of their different options when selecting one.
All gloves will have four parts: the webbing, fingers, heel, and palm. The webbing can have different designs and lengths depending on the type of player it is made for. For instance, an outfielder will generally want a glove that has deeper pockets to be able to catch fly balls. Middle infielders will want a shallower web to get the ball out of their hands quicker, and a catcher will need extra padding and smaller webs. Manufacturers vary but one will definitely see gloves like Rawlings, Wilson, Marucci, and Louisville Slugger on the market.
There are two main things to consider when buying a softball glove. The first is to determine what arm you use to throw the ball. If you throw with your left arm you will buy a glove that fits your right, and vice versa. The second important thing is determining what position you play. Catcher mitts will have different specifications than a first-base mitt, which will have different specifications than an outfielders glove and so on.

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